Chapter 11 How Can I Use iTunes with Multimedia?


Gotta have that music! And those movies. Don’t forget about the television shows and podcasts, too! In today’s world, we want our entertainment now. We want it affordable and portable, and we prefer it digital. Mavericks meets all those needs with a nifty tool called iTunes. Since its introduction in 2001, iTunes has become an integral part of our entertainment arsenal. When you throw an iPod, iPad, or iPhone into the mix, iTunes becomes an absolute necessity. Thankfully, it’s just as intuitive and easy to use as everything else Mac; you’ll be addicted to its charms before you know it!

Getting Around in iTunes

iTunes can handle most of your digital entertainment needs, but you need to know how to use its menus, buttons, and features before you can get much use out of it. The first two sections of this chapter cover where to find everything and how to set the iTunes preferences. You’ll be an expert iTunes user in no time.

Understanding the iTunes window layout

Figure 11.1 shows the iTunes default interface and points out the multitude of buttons and menus.


11.1 iTunes is your personal entertainment hub.

Table 11.1 describes what some of the buttons and menus can help you do in iTunes. More are covered later in the chapter.

Table ...

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