The Multimedia Mac

In This Chapter

arrow Playing movies and music with QuickTime Player

arrow Reading books with iBooks

arrow Taking pictures and movies with Photo Booth

arrow Opening, viewing, printing, and converting file formats with Preview

arrow Importing media — photos and videos — to your Mac

“Media content” is more than just music (the topic of Chapter 12), and your Mac is ready, willing, and able to handle almost any type of media (with any type of content) you can throw at it. Which is why, in addition to the aforementioned iTunes, OS X Mavericks includes applications for viewing and working with media such as DVD movie discs and QuickTime movie ‘files, as well as graphics in a variety of file formats such as PDF, TIFF, and JPEG.

In this chapter, you look at some bundled applications you can use to work with such media — namely, DVD Player, QuickTime Player, Preview, Photo Booth, and Image Capture ...

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