Ten (Or So) Great Websites for Mac Freaks

As much as I would love to think that this book tells you everything you need to know about using your Mac, I know better. You have a lot more to discover about using your Mac, and new tools and products come out every single day.

The best way to gather more information than you could ever possibly soak up about all things Macintosh is to hop onto the web. There, you can find news, freeware and shareware (try-before-you-buy software) to download, troubleshooting sites, tons of news and information about your new favorite OS, and lots of places to shop.

The sites in this chapter are the best, most chock-full-o’-stuff places on the web for Mac users. By the time you finish checking out these websites, you’ll know so much about your Mac and OS X Mavericks that you’ll feel like your brain is in danger of exploding. On the other hand, you might just feel a whole lot smarter. Happy surfing!



Long ago, on an Internet you’d hardly recognize today, troubleshooting guru Ted Landau created an excellent troubleshooting site to help Mac users solve common problems and keep current on compatibility issues with new system software and third-party products.

It’s now part of web behemoth CNET’s gargantuan Reviews section. Now curated by Topher Kessler, another superb troubleshooting guru, it’s still a terrific resource when ...

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