OS X® Mountain Lion Tips and Tricks

Book description

Discover hundreds of tips, tricks, and shortcuts for doing more, sharing more, and having more fun with your Mac that’s running Mountain Lion! This easy, nontechnical tutorial brings together powerful new ways to use OS X 10.8’s coolest features and hottest new innovations! Perfect for Mac beginners, Windows® refugees, and long-time Mac users upgrading to Mountain Lion, it’s packed with great ideas and solutions you would never discover on your own–all explained simply, step-by-step, with full-color pictures. Whether you’re running a desktop iMac, a MacBook, or MacBook Air notebook computer, this book will make you even happier with your Apple computer than you already are!

Here’s just a sampling of what you’ll learn how to do:

      •  Make the most of Mountain Lion’s new and revamped iPad-style apps

      •  Share content on Facebook or Twitter instantly, without switching apps

      •  Painlessly sync all your Apple devices (including your Macs, iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch)

      •  Communicate more efficiently with Messages

      •  Compete against other gamers online from your Mac

      •  Get access to iCloud’s any time/any where free storage

      •  Use Apple’s “Find My Mac” service to find and remotely password-protect your Mac if it’s lost or stolen

      •  Get Notification Center to show you what you want–and only what you want

      •  Transcribe voice dictation straight into your apps

      •  Discover great shortcuts for apps like Contacts, Calendar, and Mail

      •  Automatically back up your stuff with Time Machine

      •  Organize your life with Reminders and create detailed To Do lists that sync with all of your computers and Apple mobile devices

      •  Wirelessly simulcast presentations, home videos, and iTunes content to your TV (using Apple TV)

      •  Use iPhoto’s Faces tool to sort images based on who’s in them, and then edit, print, and share them with ease

      •  Hold free real-time videoconferences with other Apple users using FaceTime or anyone using Skype

      •  Transition painlessly from any version of Windows®

Table of contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Contents at a Glance
  4. Table of Contents
  5. About the Author
  6. Dedication
  7. Acknowledgments
  8. We Want to Hear from You!
  9. Reader Services
  10. Introduction
  11. 1. Upgrading to Mountain Lion
    1. What’s New in Mountain Lion
    2. Upgrade Prerequisites
    3. Connecting to the Internet
    4. Using a Magic Mouse or Multi-Touch Trackpad
  12. 2. Navigating Mountain Lion
    1. Exploring the Desktop
    2. Launching Apps
    3. Switching Between Running Apps
    4. Customizing the Dock
    5. Using Finder
    6. Using the Share Icon
    7. Customizing Your Desktop and Screen Saver
    8. Customizing More via System Preferences
  13. 3. Optimizing Preinstalled Apps
    1. Benefits of Preinstalled Apps
    2. Using the Calculator App
    3. Using the Calendar App
    4. Using the Contacts App
    5. Enhancing FaceTime Video Conferences
    6. Using the Photo Booth App
    7. Getting Quick Views via the Preview App
    8. Discovering Other Preinstalled Apps
  14. 4. Using Notification Center
    1. Managing All App-Specific Notifications
    2. Getting Started
    3. Avoiding Excessive Alerts, Alarms, and Notifications
  15. 5. Communicating Effectively with Messages
    1. Instant Messaging Versus Text Messaging
    2. Combining Messaging Capabilities
    3. Getting Started
    4. Communicating with Messages
    5. Exploiting the Messages Menu Bar
    6. Other Text Messaging, Video, and Voice Chat Options
    7. Sending Text Messages from a Mac to a Mobile Phone
  16. 6. Making the Most of Reminders and Notes
    1. Advantages of Reminders
    2. Advantages of Notes
    3. Optimizing Your Use of Reminders
    4. Optimizing Your Use of Notes
    5. Syncing with iCloud
  17. 7. Improved Web Surfing and Email Management
    1. Streamlining Safari
    2. Managing Email Using the Mail App
    3. Sending Large Files via Email
  18. 8. Getting the Most from iTunes and Game Center
    1. Exploring iTunes
    2. Making the Most of Game Center
    3. Other Gaming Options
  19. 9. Installing New Software
    1. Shopping the App Store
    2. Obtaining Apps via Other Means
    3. Keeping Apps Current
    4. Discovering New Software
    5. Setting Up Parental Controls On Your Mac
  20. 10. Get Better Results Faster Using iPhoto
    1. iLife Primer
    2. Getting Started with iPhoto ‘11
    3. Organizing Your Photos
    4. Using iPhoto’s Sidebar Options
    5. Editing Photos Within iPhoto
    6. Creating Photo Projects Using iPhoto
    7. Sharing Photos from iPhoto
    8. Using the iCloud Photo Stream Feature
    9. Creating Prints from Your Digital Images
    10. Creating a Photo Book
    11. Backing Up Your Photos
  21. 11. Navigating Around iCloud
    1. Discovering iCloud’s Many Uses
    2. Setting Up Your Free iCloud Account
    3. Purchasing Additional Storage Space
    4. Configuring iCloud to Work on Your Mac
    5. Keeping Track of Your Macs and iDevices
  22. 12. Backing Up Your Mac
    1. Your Main Backup Options
    2. Planning a Backup Strategy
    3. Backing Up via Time Machine
    4. Backing Up via iCloud
    5. Backing Up Online
    6. Backing Up via Third-Party Software
    7. Backing Up Manually
  23. 13. Syncing Information with Other Macs and iDevices
    1. Exploiting Mountain Lion’s Sharing Features
    2. Exchanging Documents and Files Wirelessly via AirDrop
    3. Using Third-Party Cloud-Based File Sharing
    4. Connecting Your Mac to an FTP Site
    5. Syncing Data Between Macs and PCs Using a USB Cable
    6. Sharing Document Files Between Computers
  24. 14. Optimizing AirPlay
    1. Discovering Apple TV
    2. Enhancing Apple TV Audio with AirPlay-Compatible Speakers
    3. Setting Up AirPlay to Work with Your Mac
    4. Playing iTunes Content via AirPlay
    5. Presenting Presentations via AirPlay
    6. AirPlay Versus Home Sharing
  25. 15. Using Peripherals and Accessories
    1. Reviewing Your Mac’s Ports and Peripheral Connection Methods
    2. Connecting Peripherals
  26. 16. Transitioning Easily from a Windows PC to a Mac
    1. Transferring Your PC Files to a Mac with Migration Assistant
    2. Microsoft Windows Versus Mountain Lion
    3. Running Microsoft Windows and PC Software on Your Mac
  27. Index
  28. Add Page

Product information

  • Title: OS X® Mountain Lion Tips and Tricks
  • Author(s):
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Que
  • ISBN: 9780133102338