Chapter 8: Marking Time with Calendar

In This Chapter

arrow.png Entering and editing events

arrow.png Working with multiple calendars

arrow.png Sharing your calendars

arrow.png Publishing and subscribing

arrow.png Printing calendars

What’s so great about a computerized calendar? After all, you’ve probably been jotting events down on a paper calendar of one sort or another as long as you can remember. (These days, your insurance agent sends you one for free every year.) What if you’re already using the Calendar app on your iPhone or iPad? Isn’t it more work to launch Calendar than to reach for that old paper standby?

Ah, good reader, there are indeed a number of good reasons to move from your old-fashioned paper calendar to Mountain Lion’s digital Calendar application! Sharing a common calendar with others in your home or office, for example — and imagine synchronizing the same calendar events between your Mac and your iPhone and iPad. Suddenly those events get a lot more convenient, and your day becomes more organized. And don’t ...

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