Chapter 6: Sharing Documents for Fun and Profit

In This Chapter

arrow.png Comparing network sharing with multiuser sharing

arrow.png Setting and changing permissions

arrow.png Sharing documents in Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac

Now here’s a topic that any OS X power user can sink his fangs into — the idea that a document on a multiuser system can be everyone’s property, allowing anyone in your family, workgroup, or highly competitive mob to make whatever changes are necessary, whenever they like.

Of course, potential pitfalls lurk — even in the Apple world, there’s no such thing as an operating system that’s both powerful and perfectly simple. However, I think you’ll find that our dear friends from Cupertino have done just about as well as can be expected and that the settings that you use to share documents are fairly easy to understand.

Prepare to share!

Sharing over a Network versus Sharing on a Single Mac

First, allow me to clear up what I’ve found to be a common misconception by using another of Mark’s Maxims.

marksmaxim.eps Sharing documents on a single computer is fundamentally different from the file sharing that ...

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