Internet and Wireless

The Internet & Wireless preferences are where you tell your Mac how to communicate with the rest of the world through its network connections. Please note that the Bluetooth and Sharing preferences are covered in depth in Chapter 13.


iCloud is Apple’s cloud computing service that allows you to synchronize information across your devices, such as your iPad, iPhone, and Mac. iCloud will handle the same services as MobileMe, and much more, including the ability to push files to every device. For example, if you take a picture with your iPhone, iCloud automatically copies it to your other devices registered to iCloud, such as a Mac or iPad.

bullet.tif Music

bullet.tif Photos

bullet.tif Calendars

bullet.tif Contacts

bullet.tif Documents

bullet.tif Email

bullet.tif Apps


iCloud can also help you find lost devices or friends on the ...

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