Working with E-Mails

Most of the time you're in Mail, you're working with individual e-mail messages, reading them, responding to them, or writing new ones. Figures 18.7 and 18.8, shown earlier in this chapter, display the Message Viewer, where you can see your mail accounts, mailboxes (mail folders), message list, and individual mail messages.

Reading messages

By default, Mail lists messages in the order they are received, with the most recent message at the bottom, and all unread messages listed in boldface. As noted in the previous section, you can switch among mail accounts and mailbox folders using the Sidebar, to narrow down the messages shown in the message list.


To change the icon buttons in Mail's toolbar, right-click or Control+click the toolbar and choose Icon and Text (to show text labels with the icons), Icon Only (the default), Text Only, or Customize Toolbar (to add and remove the icon buttons that appear). The additional buttons available are Archive (to save a message locally on your Mac), Move, Copy, Chat (to open a conversation in Messages, which Chapter 19 covers), Redirect (to forward a message without containing your e-mail address in the forwarded message), Sidebar (to hide or show the Mail Sidebar), Print, All Headers (to show or hide all message header information), Unread (to mark a message as unread), Read (to mark a message as read), Take All Accounts Offline, Add to Contacts, Address (to get e-mail addresses from the Contacts application; Chapter ...

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