Adjusting System Preferences

To change system preferences, you open the System Preferences application by choosing macapple.jpg⇒System Preferences. You get the window shown in Figure 27.1. The 29 standard OS X system preferences appear, as do any system preferences installed by any of your applications or hardware.

For example, if your Mac has a configuration profile installed (see Chapter 34), the Profiles system preference appears. If you connect a pen-based tablet to your Mac, you see the Ink system preference. And if your Mac Pro has FibreChannel storage disks attached, you see the FibreChannel system preference. Ditto for the Xsan system preference if you use that storage networking technology.

By default, the system preferences are organized by category: Personal, Hardware, Internet & Wireless, System, and Other. (Other is where your non-Apple system preferences are stored, and this category appears only if you have non-Apple system preferences installed.) To get an alphabetical arrangement of your system preferences, choose View⇒Organize Alphabetically.


You can hide individual system preferences to customize the appearance of the application. To do so, choose View⇒Customize. Check boxes appear at the lower right of each system preference icon; deselect those you don't want to appear. Click Done when you're finished.

When you are in a system preference, it may not be clear how to ...

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