Using System Preferences

The Notification system preference is new to OS X Mountain Lion. It lets you control how you get notified of new messages and other alerts by applications and websites (see Chapter 12).


The Accessibility system preference had been called Universal Access in previous versions of OS X and had been placed in the Personal group of system preferences, not the System group it now resides in. OS X Mountain Lion also has reorganized the panes in the Accessibility system preference. As Chapter 29 explains, several options have been moved as part of that reorganization, and some have been renamed. Also, the Speakable Items pane includes the functions that used to reside in the Text to Speech pane of previous OS X versions' Speech system preference.

The picture-in-picture zoom display option in the Display pane is new to the accessibility settings for zooming. The ability in the Keyboard & Trackpad pane to specify where a modified key's symbol appears onscreen when Sticky Keys are enabled is also new.

OS X Mountain Lion's VoiceOver now lets you drag and drop items using the modifier keys to perform actions on the dropped item. For example, you can now use Option to duplicate the dropped item—just as you would hold Option in the Finder when dragging an item to duplicate it. Normally, you move the pointer to the item you want to drag, press Control+Option+– to mark it for drag and drop, move the pointer to the new location, and press Control+Option+< to ...

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