Chapter 1. CPC and CF Configuration in Parallel Sysplex
This chapter explains how to configure the CPC and the CF in a Parallel Sysplex.
For information on how to configure the HMC for the IBM 9672 CPC, refer to 4.0,
“Consoles and Parallel Sysplex” on page 103 in Volume 3: Connectivity,
Recommended Sources of Further Information
The following sources provide support for the information in this chapter:
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Coupling Facility Configuration Options: A Positioning Paper S/390 White
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Coupling Facility Sizer,
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Modeling Host Environments using SNAP/SHOT
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The following roadmap guides you through these topics by providing a quick
reference to help you find the appropriate section.
Copyright IBM Corp. 2000
Table 1. CPC and CF Sizing and Configuration in Parallel Sysplex Roadmap
You want
If you are especially interested in: Then refer to:
CPCs and CPs in Parallel Sysplex
How do I choose CPC and CF
1.2, “CPC and CF Technology” on page 6
Deciding between the CPC options
What do I have today?
What about the functional and
performance differences between
CPC options?
What are the growth options?
1.2.2, “Deciding between the CPC Options” on
page 6
How do I calculate the total CPC
capacity required?
1.3, “CPC Capacity” on page 15
How do I calculate the additional
capacity required?
1.3.2, “Calculate Additional Capacity for Data
Sharing” on page 16
What is the impact of logical
partitioning on total capacity required?
1.3.3, “Logical Partitioning (LPAR) Impact on
Sizing” on page 21
How much CPC storage is required in
Parallel Sysplex?
1.3.4, “Sizing the CPC Storage for Parallel Sysplex”
on page 21
Are the number of I/Os influenced by
Parallel Sysplex?
1.3.5, “Impact of Parallel Sysplex on the Number of
I/Os” on page 26
How much CF resource is needed? 1.4, CF CP Capacity” on page 26
What types of CFs exist?
Do I need one or more CFs?
1.4.1, CF Topology Considerations” on page 27
Which products exploit the CF?, CF Exploiters” on page 31
Should I use shared or dedicated PUs
for the CF?, “Shared or Dedicated CPs for CFs” on
page 34
How much PU utilization is expected in
a CF?, “Target CF Utilization” on page 38
What CF link configuration do I need? 1.5, CF Links” on page 43
How much storage utilization is
expected in a CF?
1.6, CF Storage” on page 47
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