CF Sizer
The CF Sizer is a Web-based tool that runs on an IBM Web server and can help
you estimate all your IBM CF structures storage requirements. It simplifies the
task of estimating CF structure storage by asking questions based on your
existing configuration. If you are not sure where to get the data to answer the
questions, help functions are provided that direct you to the source of the data
on your system.
Some of the functions provided by the CF Sizer include:
Select a single structure to size for any IBM product or element (IMS, DB2,
JES, and so forth.)
Select and size related structures for an IBM product or element (such as
the DB2 group buffer pools (GBPs) or the lock structure).
Select and size all related structures for a particular resource or data
sharing function (like CICS record-level sharing (RLS) that involves different
products or elements such as SMS and CICS).
Create CFRM policy statements based on your input.
Use context-sensitive helps to locate information about your data
The CF Sizer sizes the selected structures and generates the SIZE value, or the
SIZE and INITSIZE values, for the CFRM policy. It always calculates the structure
size based on the appropriate CFLEVEL for the CF. In addition, you can cut and
paste the sample CFRM statements that the tool generates into your own CFRM
policy on the OS/390 system.
The CF Structure Sizer provides help windows for every structure. Click the Help
link and a help window opens that describes the input parameters.
1.6.2 Sample CF Storage Map
Figure 5 on page 52 shows an example of a storage allocation in two IBM 9674
CFs, based on the recommended
dual CF
configuration, and based on
recommended initial starting values in the CF for a Parallel Sysplex with up to
four images.
Chapter 1. CPC and CF Configuration in Parallel Sysplex

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