Miscellaneous Oscillators

The sources of the following circuits are contained in the Sources section, which begins on page 173. The figure number contained in the box of each circuit correlates to the source entry in the Sources section.

Tunable-Frequency Oscillator

Resistance-Controlled Digital Oscillator

Cassette Bias Oscillator

Oscillator Adjustable Over 10:1 Range

1-Second 1-kHz Oscillator

Sine-Wave Shaper

Low-Distortion Sine-Wave Oscillator

Tunable Single-Comparator Oscillator

Wide-Range Oscillator (Frequency Range of 5000:1)

RLC Oscillator

HC-Based Oscillator

Programmable-Frequency Sine-Wave Oscillator

Variable Wien-Bridge Oscillator

50% Duty-Cycle Oscillator

High-Frequency Oscillator

Low-Frequency Oscillator

Quadrature Oscillator ...

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