2. Installation Instructions

This chapter explains how to install the two sample ports of the OSPF software: a routing protocol daemon, ospfd, that turns a Linux workstation into an OSPF router, and ospf_sim, an OSPF simulator that runs on either Linux or Windows.

2.1. Installation of ospfd (Linux Only)

The ospfd program was developed under Red Hat 5.2 (Linux 2.0.36), using the GNU C and C++ development tools (gcc, g++, and make) and the Tcl scripting language. The installation of ospfd on Linux takes place in the following steps.

Step 1: Install the necessary Linux packages. All the following packages come with the Red Hat Linux 5.2 distribution. Updates for the GNU tools can be found on www.gnu.org. Updates for Tcl can be found on www.ajubasolutions.com ...

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