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Book Description

Everyone puts multiethnic faces in marketing materials, but itÆs mostly a token gesture. Because even as the U.S. grows increasingly diverse, most professionals have little real knowledge of those different from themselves. OtherWise is a deep and engaging exploration of diversity in America and how we can bridge differencesùacross race, ethnicity, culture, sexual orientation, faith, and even politics. It goes far beyond census data into the realm of cognitive and social science, helping readers break through stereotypes and fears to a profound understanding of people unlike themselves. This is not touchy-feely stuff, but crucial information for businesspeople everywhere whose success depends on embracing the new realities of their workforce, their suppliers, and their customers. Readers will discover: What AmericaÆs changing demography means for business ò How unconscious biases shape behaviors and beliefs ò How to connect across cultures, borders, and perspectives ò How to move beyond tolerating differences to capitalizing on them OtherWise strips away the barriers of ôusö and ôthem,ö and lays bare profound truths for relating to others around us.