Our Planet Powered by AI

Book description

A hands-on guide to evolving your company with ethical AI along with thought-provoking insights and predictions from a variety of well-known industry leaders

In Our Planet Powered by AI, renowned AI strategist and pioneer Mark Minevich delivers an exciting and practical discussion of how to implement groundbreaking artificial intelligence technologies at every level of your organization. You’ll learn to create sustainable, effective competitive advantage by introducing previously unheard-of levels of adaptability, resilience, and innovation into your company.

Using real-world case studies from a variety of well-known industry leaders, the author explains the strategic archetypes, technological infrastructures, and cultures of sustainability you’ll need to ensure your firm’s next-level digital transformation takes root. You’ll also discover:

  • How AI can enable new business strategies, models, and ecosystems of innovation and growth
  • How to develop societal impact and powerful organizational benefits with ethical AI implementations that incorporate transparency, fairness, privacy, and reliability
  • What it means to enable all-inclusive artificial intelligence

An engaging and hands-on exploration of how to take your firm to new levels of dynamism and growth, Our Planet Powered by AI will earn a place in the libraries of managers, executives, directors, and other business and technology leaders seeking to distinguish their companies in a new age of astonishing technological advancement and fierce competition.

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Table of Contents
  3. Praise for Our Planet Powered by AI
  4. Title Page
  5. Copyright
  6. Dedication
  7. Foreword
  8. Introduction
    1. What This Book Contains
    2. From Eastern Europe to the United States
    3. My Parents' Background
    4. Leaving Ukraine
    5. Joining the United States
    6. Where My Love of Science and Technology Was Born
    7. My Other “Aha!” Moments
    8. Needing to Know the Why
    9. Why Me, Why This Book?
    10. My Inspiration
  9. Prologue
    1. It All Works Together
    2. Resilience Through Adaptation
    3. In the Pages to Come
  10. PART I: AI's Impact on Modern Work and Life
    1. 1 Current Challenges and Issues with AI
      1. What Is Artificial Intelligence?
      2. What Is Big Tech?
      3. Gen Z's Evolving Digital Transformation
      4. AI Will Augment Humanity, Not Replace It
      5. Digital Transformation and Personalization
      6. Recent AI Success Stories
      7. Notes
    2. 2 AI for Social Good
      1. Improving Municipal Efficiency
      2. Improving Energy Efficiency
      3. Detecting Cancer Early On
      4. Enabling Smarter Living
      5. Fighting Climate Change
      6. Supporting Wildlife Conservation
      7. Combating the Food Crisis
      8. Reducing Inequity
      9. Improving Education
      10. Improving Accessibility to Basic Needs
      11. Unlocking Value with AI for Economic and Social Mobility
      12. Notes
  11. PART II: Digital Transformation and Society
    1. 3 The Future of Work
      1. Evolving Work Trends
      2. Skills of the Future
      3. Jobs of the Future
      4. Human Capital Development
      5. Public Sector and Private Institution Partnerships Lead to a Brighter Future
      6. How AI Will Change Creativity and Human Experiences
      7. Notes
    2. 4 Digital Transformation Models and Digital Disruption
      1. New Models Evolving
      2. Digital Resiliency
      3. The Issue of Privacy
      4. The Role of AI in Medicine, Human Capacity, and Humanitarian Missions
      5. Create Your Organization's Vision of the Future
      6. Notes
    3. 5 Technologies Driving Society's Digital Transformation
      1. Deep Learning
      2. Quantum and Emerging AI Technologies
      3. Smart IoT Products
      4. Collaborative Platforms
      5. Wearable Devices
      6. Digital Twins
      7. Speech Recognition, Human Language Processing, and Computer Vision
      8. The Future of Robotics and Humanoids
  12. PART III: Social Impacts of Digital Inclusion
    1. 6 Ethics, Safety, and Security Concerns
      1. Trustworthy AI: Considerations, Use Cases, and Certifications
      2. How Does AI Affect Rights, Meanings, Vocabulary, and Relationships?
      3. AI for Trusted and Resilient Public Services
      4. AI Can Support Evidence‐Based Policymaking
      5. AI Requires Communities and Policymakers to Explicitly Define Values
      6. Global Cooperation
      7. Note
    2. 7 An Ecosystem and Investment Approach to AI Adoption
      1. Helping AI Communities and Ecosystems to Thrive
      2. Building Feasible AI Businesses, Technologies, and Solutions Globally
      3. Catalyzing AI Communities to Share Solutions Around the World
      4. Notes
    3. 8 AI Culture and Society
      1. Ensuring That Human‐Machine Interaction Is “Human‐Centered”
      2. Approaches to Social, Gender, and Economic Research We Should Consider
      3. Avoiding Bias and Making Technology Transparent and Accountable for All Communities
      4. Ensuring That Our Interactions Are Safe and Private
      5. AI Privacy: From GDPR to Local and Global Policies
      6. Notes
    4. 9 Social and Financial Inclusion
      1. Social Impact at the Enterprise Level
      2. Empowering Future Industries with AI
      3. GPT and Business Strategy
      4. Social Impact Created by Enterprises
      5. Notes
  13. PART IV: Foreseeing the Future
    1. 10 Future Cities and Societies
      1. Reshaping Ecosystems and Urban Design with AI
      2. Reshaping Public Health
      3. Reshaping Public Safety
      4. Creating Smart Cities
      5. Creating Cognitive Cities
      6. Notes
    2. 11 The Next Generation
      1. Roadmap for the Future
      2. Assessment Tools, Criteria, and KPIs to Better Understand Future R&D
      3. The Best AI for Good: Optimizing AI's Impact on Humanity
      4. Notes
    3. 12 The Future I Envision When I Dream
      1. Education
      2. Climate Science
      3. Diversity and Culture
      4. Health
      5. The Future of Remote Work
      6. Space Exploration
      7. Commitment to Open Dialogue
  14. List of Contributors
  15. Acknowledgments
  16. About the Author
  17. Index
  18. End User License Agreement

Product information

  • Title: Our Planet Powered by AI
  • Author(s): Mark Minevich
  • Release date: October 2023
  • Publisher(s): Wiley
  • ISBN: 9781394180608