Chapter 15. Creating and Tracking Marketing Campaigns

In This Chapter

  • Finding out about BCM marketing campaigns

  • Setting up a marketing campaign

  • Using E-Mail Marketing Service to send promotional e-mails

  • Tracking the success of your campaigns

Marketing campaign creation and management is one of the new features in BCM. It can help you generate sales through sending e-mails or printed materials and then tracking the resulting leads and opportunities all the way through to a sale. If you're using Microsoft Office Accounting 2007, you can even track them into the invoice and, ultimately, the bank account!

In Chapter 14, you discover how Word can create mail merges to take data from BCM and merge it with a document template. That's the basis of a marketing campaign in BCM — you send a document (or e-mail) to multiple people, and each document is customized with each person's individual information. In this chapter, you find out how to create a campaign and track the results using BCM.

Staying in contact with your prospects and customers is a critical part of marketing and advertising your business. BCM makes it easy to do! You can create a marketing campaign from almost anywhere in BCM. For example, after you've run any of the reports, you can create a new marketing campaign using the contacts shown on that report. Also, if you create a document in Microsoft Office Publisher or Word, you can turn it into a new BCM marketing campaign from within that program.

Creating a New Marketing Campaign ...

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