Chapter 12

Managing Multiple Email Accounts


check Choosing your email provider

check Buying a domain name

check Setting up email accounts in Outlook

check Modifying mail account settings

check Changing your mail server

check Sending messages from different accounts

A lot of people just have one email address. They set it up in Outlook when they first start using the program, or someone else sets it up for them, and that’s that. But you, my friend, are not a lot of people, or you wouldn’t be reading this chapter. You long for more—more flexibility, more privacy, more small business sidelines, or maybe even the ability to have an alter-ego that you can use on the down-low, like (No, that’s not a real email address. Yes, I checked.) In this chapter, I show you how to set up additional email accounts in Outlook, and provide some advice as to how to acquire those email addresses ...

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