Chapter 14

Big-Time Collaboration with Outlook


check Collaborating with Microsoft Exchange

check Viewing two calendars side by side

check Managing your out of office message

check Understanding all those Address Books

check Setting up a Skype meeting

Microsoft is a big company that writes big programs for big companies with big bucks. As you’d expect, some parts of Outlook were originally for people at big companies. But these days, people in small organizations also need tools to improve teamwork and collaboration. That’s especially true in a world of far-flung virtual teams whose members communicate almost exclusively via phone and email.

Companies that use Outlook often have a network that’s running a program called Microsoft Exchange Server in the background. Exchange teams with Outlook to let you do things that you can’t do with Outlook alone. Outlook users with Exchange can look at another employee’s calendar, for example, or give someone else the power to answer email messages on that person’s ...

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