Chapter 15

Outlook for the iPad and Android Phones


check Reading, replying to, and creating email

check Archiving, deleting, and scheduling email

check Dealing with groups of messages

check Checking your calendar

check Adding new appointments

“Mobile first” is the new rallying cry at Microsoft. The company’s CEO, Satya Nadella, has declared that the company will give mobile computing its top priority. And with good reason: Mobile device sales are growing wildly, while sales of traditional PCs are shrinking. Billions of people now use a mobile phone as their primary computing device, and millions use a phone as their only computing device.

That’s why the availability of Microsoft Outlook on mobile platforms is good news for everyone. Granted, the products now called Outlook for Android and iPad started out as products from another company, not as Microsoft products, but they work quite differently from desktop Outlook. But they’re excellent products, and the ways in which they differ from desktop ...

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