Outsmarting Anger: 7 Strategies for Defusing Our Most Dangerous Emotion

Book Description

Surefire strategies for transforming anger in yourself and others In this must-have resource, Dr. Joseph Shrand offers seven innovative yet remarkably uncomplicated strategies to help turn powerful anger impulses into positive, success-oriented actions. These brain-based techniques teach you how to recognize the many forms of anger we all experience, and how to tap into your brain's very own anger absorption zone the prefrontal cortex. Dr. Shrand also explores the ways these techniques can be used to harness the anger of others. When we learn to recognize and defuse the anger response of any individual, we improve our chances for success in every aspect of life.

  • Explains how the power of anger can be turned into much more productive behaviors

  • Outlines 7 simple strategies for outsmarting the lizard brain and the primitive limbic system

  • Published in partnership with Harvard Health publications, a division of Harvard Medical School

  • Outsmarting Anger helps you manage and decrease not only your own anger, but the anger of people around you so everyone can be more successful.

    Table of Contents

    1. Cover
    2. Title page
    3. Copyright page
    4. Dedication
    5. Preface
    6. Acknowledgments
    7. Introduction
    8. CHAPTER 1: A Glimpse into the Angry Brain
      1. Anger Is Only an Emotion
      2. All Brains Are Built Basically the Same
      3. The PFC: The Key to Personality
      4. Anger as Protector
      5. The Three Domains
      6. “Prefrontal Cop”
      7. Exercising Your PFC: The Case of Road Rage
    9. CHAPTER 2: Recognize Rage
      1. Designed for Anger
      2. Recognizing Rage in Ourselves
      3. Why Do You Need to Recognize Rage?
      4. How We Control Anger
      5. The PFC in Action: What You Think Affects What You Feel
      6. Recognizing Rage in Others
      7. When You Recognize Another’s Rage, It Helps Everyone
    10. CHAPTER 3: Envision Envy
      1. Envy: A Close Friend of Anger
      2. Understanding Envy
      3. The Two Faces of Envy
      4. The Brain on Envy
      5. The Pain of Envy
      6. The Unusual Pleasure of Envy: Schadenfreude
      7. Envy’s Impact on You
      8. Envy and Others: Creating Rivals
      9. Acquiring More “Stuff” Is Not an Antidote to Envy
      10. Transforming the Envy of Others
    11. CHAPTER 4: Sense Suspicion
      1. The Dark Side of Suspicion
      2. The Suspicious Brain
      3. Face It—Your Face Matters
      4. The Eyes Have It
      5. Too Close for Comfort
      6. Suspicious Minds
      7. Opening Minds: Our Influence on Others
      8. Taking Charge of Suspicion: Using Your PFC
    12. CHAPTER 5: Project Peace
      1. The Power of Peace
      2. Mirror Neurons Can Project Peace
      3. From Reflexive to Reflective
      4. Hidden in a Hormone: A Key to Trust
      5. Special Challenges in Projecting Peace
    13. CHAPTER 6: Engage Empathy
      1. Empathy and Value: In This Boat Together
      2. The Role of Theory of Mind in Relationships
      3. How Empathy Forms
      4. Empathic Societies: What Humans Do for One Another
      5. Expanding Our Empathy: From Out-Groups to In-Groups
      6. Challenges to Empathy
      7. Restoring Empathy
    14. CHAPTER 7: Communicate Clearly
      1. You Say “Tomato”: The Elements of Language
      2. Fine-Tuned for Communication
      3. The Needs of Communication
      4. Stop, Look, and Listen: The Fourth F
      5. On a Societal Level
      6. Communication and Human Progress
    15. CHAPTER 8: Trade Thanks
      1. Small Thanks Are a Big Deal
      2. Gratitude’s Gift
      3. The Benefactor-Beneficiary Bond
      4. Take Nothing for Granted
      5. R.E.S.P.E.C.T.
    16. References
    17. About the Authors
    18. About Harvard Health Publications
    19. Index

    Product Information

    • Title: Outsmarting Anger: 7 Strategies for Defusing Our Most Dangerous Emotion
    • Author(s): Leigh Devine, Joseph Shrand
    • Release date: March 2013
    • Publisher(s): Jossey-Bass
    • ISBN: 9781118238752