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Outstanding Leadership

Book Description

Over the past decade the need for practical leadership skills has grown dramatically in both the private and public sectors. Outstanding leadership has become established as a key requirement for managers at all levels. Managers in organisations of all sizes are also expected to be effective leaders and performance-focused coaches. Outstanding leadership is a concise guide to leadership by business speaker Molly Harvey. It is the first title in the Seconds away from series, a new collection of books that covers key management skills, presenting the information in bite-sized nuggets that can be implemented straight away. Future titles in the series will cover skills such as partnering, people management, focus, confidence and balance.

Table of Contents

  1. Outstanding leadership
  2. Acknowledgements
    1. Where the ‘Seconds away from…’ idea came from
  3. Introduction
    1. How the book is structured
  4. 1. Presence
    1. Presence
    2. Leave your ego at the door
    3. Be an enchanting leader
    4. Get out of your own way
    5. Change your thinking
    6. Be there for people
    7. Make a difference in seconds
    8. Presence within the company environment
    9. Progress from good to outstanding leadership
    10. Develop high self-awareness as a leader
    11. Lead without a title
    12. Wisdom
    13. Leave a wake
    14. Being yourself
  5. 2. Rituals
    1. The power of silence
    2. Dedicated learner
    3. Personal energy
    4. Be responsible
    5. Values driven organisation
    6. Five people
    7. Honest conversations
    8. Customer touch
    9. Celebrate success
    10. Sweat the detail
    11. Make family number one
    12. Say no to distractions
    13. Forgive and let go
  6. 3. Discipline
    1. Discipline of managing your time
    2. Be more curious about life
    3. Be disciplined and improve your productivity
    4. Cut out useless meetings
    5. Take disciplined action
    6. Clean up your messes
    7. Create a powerful brand
    8. Recharge
    9. Disciplines to live by
    10. Common discipline
    11. Discipline in the workplace
    12. Commitment
    13. Discipline of coaching
    14. Believe in yourself 100%
  7. 4. Trust the inner satnav
    1. Innovation
    2. Inner wisdom
    3. Build trust
    4. Inner drive
    5. Heart energy
    6. Trust your gut feelings
    7. Simplicity
    8. Thinking time
    9. Stay grounded
    10. Inspiration
    11. Manage your ego
    12. Creativity
    13. Develop a listening ear
  8. 5. Collaboration
    1. Collaborate when faced with conflict
    2. Understand people
    3. Pay it forward
    4. Achieve likeability as a leader
    5. Create trust
    6. Empowering questions
    7. Make their day
    8. Never leave anyone behind
    9. Cut out bickering
    10. Retain top talent
    11. Thank you notes
    12. Shut up
    13. Culture of personal growth
    14. Future framers
    15. Kindness
  9. 6. Focused action
    1. Take focused action
    2. Visualise and be it now
    3. Talk less
    4. Determination
    5. See all problems as challenges
    6. Passion
    7. Storyboard your vision
    8. Motivation is an inside job
    9. Feel the fear, do it afraid
    10. Tenacity
    11. Persistence
    12. Transmit fear
    13. Clarity
    14. Setbacks
  10. Conclusion
  11. We need your help
  12. Free resources
  13. More from Infinite Ideas
  14. Copyright notice