4Where Do You Want to Go?Guiding Yourself with a Life GPS

Elaine's Story

In the eight years between writing The Next Level and this book, I've coached and spoken to thousands of high-achieving executives, managers, and other professionals. Several hundred of those people have been participants in a 16-person group-coaching program my company offers called Next Level Leadership®. Over the years, I've joked that the next program I'm going to start is a weight-loss program because, more often that not, by the time we get to the last session of Next Level Leadership—seven months after the start, we have one or two participants in each cohort who have lost 25 to 50 pounds.

One woman who fits that description is Elaine. On the opening day of the program, she was tense, unhappy with her job, and, like a lot of people who sit in meetings all day long, somewhat overweight. By the time we got to the fifth and final session seven months later, she was almost unrecognizable. Her smiling face was lean, her waist was smaller, and the muscles of her upper arms were well defined. As the group reflected on the changes they'd made over the course of the program, I asked her to share how her own transformation had come about. She told us that the change began just after the second session of ...

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