12Making It WorkTips for Following Through (And for Rapid Recovery When You Don't)

Your Checklist for Staying on Track

One of the go-to lines that yoga teachers like to use when they're asking the class to do something challenging is, “It's not yoga perfect; it's yoga practice.” That's a good metaphor for life actually. We're not here to be perfect; we're here to do the best we can. The same thing goes for the goal of showing up at your best, the routines that help you do that, and the outcomes that you hope your actions will lead to. None of that is going to be perfect. As they say in the military, no plan survives first contact. Life is a process of adjustments.

As we wrap up this discussion on the routines that help you show up at your best, let's spend some time talking about how to follow through on your routines in a way that reduces overwork and

overwhelm and reinforces your mindfulness alternative. Because perfection is not the goal, let's also spend some time on a few principles for recovering rapidly when all of those extrinsic factors throw you off your game. Some of what we'll cover is a recap of points we discussed earlier in the book; other points are made for the first time in this chapter. By weaving them together here, my intent is to give you an easy to use checklist of what to do to ...

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