Chapter 6

Creating a Living Legacy

The Fourth Encounter

It’s not how long you live. It’s how you choose to live your life.

—Janet Fishman Newman

St. Louis’s Lambert International Airport had undergone major restoration since the 2011 Good Friday tornado. As he made his way through the American Airlines terminal, Pierce wondered whether renovations to the new and contemporary wing had been under way when the tornado hit, or if Mother Nature’s fury had provided the catalyst for change. It seemed to him that transformation occurred consciously as part of one’s natural evolution. If not, catastrophe stepped in, walloping one across the back of the head, creating the seismic shift that made it necessary to facilitate change.

He checked his messages one last time as he boarded the flight to Boston. Nothing. Two hours ago he had called Dr. Barnes’s office at the Amyloidosis Research Center she headed at Boston Medical Center. The curt yet amiable receptionist had assured Pierce that Dr. Barnes’s schedule was booked. The busy doctor had no available appointments for up to three weeks. When using charm failed, Pierce frankly and honestly explained the reason that he wanted to meet with Dr. Barnes, and promised not to take too much of her time. Understanding that her patients were an absolute priority, he even offered to accept an appointment on standby terms. The receptionist took his number and agreed to see what she could do to squeeze him in. He really hoped he was not making the trip ...

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