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Packaging Yourself: The Targeted Résumé

Book Description

Does your résumé correspond to your LinkedIn profile? Have you simply recounted your work history in your résumé, or have you "packaged" yourself to be seen the way you want to be seen? PACKAGING YOURSELF is the only book on the market that uses case studies to teach you the nuances of résumé preparation, as well as how to combine it with your LinkedIn profile. The average résumé is looked at for only ten seconds. Make yours stand out. Learn how to highlight your strengths and hide your weaknesses. Prepare a marketing piece that dynamically presents you just the way you want prospective employers to see you. Learn how to present yourself effectively on LinkedIn and other media. You'll learn to create an exciting résumé that will, make the reader want to call you in for a meeting, and will guide the interviewing process and bring out the best points about yourself, develop the accomplishment statements that form the backbone of your résumé, and write a summary that increases your chance of getting just the job you want.

Table of Contents

  1. Title Page
  2. Copyright Page
  3. Preface
  4. Contents
  5. PART ONE The Five O’Clock Club Method of Job Search
    1. Getting Up to Speed
    2. Chart: Steps of the Job Search and the Results of Each Step
    3. Chart: Getting Interviews and Building Relationships
  6. PART TWO Accomplishments: The Backbone of Your Story
    1. Elizabeth: What a Difference a Story Makes
    2. The Seven Stories Exercise
  7. PART THREE Developing Your Résumé
    1. General Résumé Trends and Guidelines
    2. Maria: Not a Kid Anymore by Maritza Diaz, Certified Five O’Clock Club Coach
    3. Andy: His Seven Stories Made the Difference
    4. How to State Your Accomplishments
    5. Start with Your Seven Stories
    6. How to Handle Consulting, Freelance, Temporary, or Unpaid Work
    7. The Steps to Follow in Developing Your Résumé
    8. Writing the Summary at the Top of Your Résumé
    9. Elliott: Getting Back into a Field He Loved
    10. Sample Summary Statements
    11. Electronic Résumés, Online Company Applications, Answering Ads Online, and Having Your Own Website
    12. Using the Internet as a Job-Search Tool
    13. Social Media: Using LinkedIn to Advance Your Career
  8. PART FOUR Résumés for Making a Career Change
    1. Carol: Moving Toward Her Dream
    2. Howard: Repositioned for a New Industry
    3. Stephen: Moving from Nonprofit to For-Profit
    4. Alana: Making a Major Career Change by Laura Labovich, Certified Five O’Clock Club Coach
    5. J. E. Bean: Cashing in on Volunteer Work
    6. Paul: He Thought He Was Making a Career Change
  9. PART FIVE Résumés for Executives
    1. Donald: Repositioned into a New Industry
    2. Louis: Making the Jump from a Technical Role to Executive Management by Peter Hill, Certified Five O’Clock Club
    3. Tom: What Did He Really Do?
    4. David: Handled His Fear of Discrimination
    5. Martin: Is a One-Page Résumé Better?
    6. Norman: Hiding His Most Recent Job
    7. Janet: Changing Her Job Title; Downplaying Too Many Jobs
    8. Shana: Even Attorneys Use The Five O’Clock Club Approach
    9. Helen: Résumé Looked Like Every Other Executive’s
  10. PART SIX Résumés for Managers and High-Level Professionals
    1. Jessie: Pulling Together Her Background to Move Up
    2. Sara: Overcoming Her Background
    3. Richard: His Experience Was Hidden
    4. Philippe: Needed Two Résumés for Two Very Different Targets
    5. George: Positioned for a New Field after Retirement
    6. Various Résumés for Managers and Professionals
  11. PART SEVEN CVs for those in Education, Government, and Other Fields That Require a CV
    1. Harold: In a Government Job; Aiming for a Promotion
    2. Heba: Her “CV” for a Job in Education by Anita Attridge, Certified Five O’Clock Club
  12. PART EIGHT Résumés for Lower-Level Professionals
    1. For Junior-Level Employees: A Summary Makes the Difference
    2. Résumés for People with Nothing to Offer
    3. Before and after Résumés for Someone in College
  13. PART NINE Résumé Checklist: How Good Is Your Résumé?
    1. Quotes to Inspire You
    2. Résumé Checklist: How Good Is Your Résumé?
    3. There’s No Reason to Lie on Your Résumé
  14. PART TEN What Is The Five O’Clock Club? “Where Professional Success Gets Personal Attention”
    1. How to Join the Club
    2. Questions You May Have about the Weekly Job-Search Strategy Group
    3. When Your Employer Pays
    4. The Way We Are
    5. Lexicon Used at The Five O’Clock Club
    6. Membership Application
  15. Index
  16. About the Author
  17. About The Five O’Clock Club and the “Fruytagie” Canvas