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Paint Your Career Green

Book Description

A roadmap for people who want to avoid starting over or taking a severe pay cut when they change careers to become part of a growing green industry.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  6. INTRODUCTION The Current Job Environment: A Reality Check
    1. What Is a Green Job?
    2. The Pressure on Companies to Paint Themselves Green
    3. Government Legislation and Green Industries
    4. It Can Be Easy Turning Green
    5. It’s Time for a Change
  7. CHAPTER 1 The World Is Turning Green—Careers With a Future
    1. Energy
      1. Solar Energy
      2. Wind Power
      3. Geothermal Energy
      4. Bioenergy
      5. Hydroelectric Power
      6. Hydrogen Fuel Cells
      7. Smart Grids
    2. Water Quality
    3. Green Building and Construction
    4. Green Transportation
    5. Ecotourism
    6. Green Education and Training
    7. Green Careers Monitoring Environmental Conditions
    8. Green Careers Changing the World
    9. Working Close to Nature
    10. Businesses with a Green Twist
    11. New Green Occupations
  8. CHAPTER 2 Careers and Career Changing
    1. Choosing a Path
      1. Careers Are More Meaningful Than Jobs
    2. Think Before You Leap
      1. Analyzing Your Current Situation
        1. Who Am I?
        2. What Can I Do?
        3. Where Will I Best Fit In?
        4. What Do INeed in a Job?
        5. What Do I Want in a Job?
    3. The Right Way to Change Careers
      1. Do Your Research
      2. Show Your Fit
      3. Don’t Burn Bridges
    4. What Is the Best Career Path for You?
    5. How Your Career Change Affects Others
  9. CHAPTER 3 Learning More About Yourself
    1. Analyzing Your Accomplishments
    2. Knowing What You Have to Offer
    3. Additional Career Assessments
      1. MAPP
      2. Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)
      3. Discover Career Assessment
    4. Find the Road That Gets You There
  10. CHAPTER 4 Researching a New Environmental Career
    1. A Checklist for Researching Career Options
    2. Exploring Sustainable-Energy Career Careers
      1. Solar Energy Careers
      2. Wind Power Careers
      3. Biofuel Energy Careers
    3. Exploring Outdoor Environmental Careers
    4. Exploring Government Career Options
    5. Exploring Grassroots Community Career Options
    6. Exploring Green Transportation Options
    7. Exploring Green Business
    8. Researching Green Jobs In-Depth
      1. O*NET: Answers to Most of Your Questions
      2. Using CareerOneStop
      3. A Valuable Canadian Resource
      4. Visiting the Environmental Career Center
    9. The Value of Informational Interviews
      1. Identifying People for Informational Interviews
      2. Preparing for an Informational Interview
      3. The Informational Interview Process
  11. CHAPTER 5 Developing a Plan
    1. You Need Goals, Not Wishes
    2. Take Charge of Marketing Yourself
      1. Making Your Skills Work for You
        1. Transferable Skills
        2. Adaptive Skills
        3. Job-Related Skills
    3. Identify Your Career Goals
      1. Know What Employers Want
      2. Match Your Preferences to Careers
      3. Narrow Down Your Career Choices
    4. Set Your Goals
  12. CHAPTER 6 Finding the Right Opportunity
    1. Find the Right Company for You
      1. Create a Prospective Employer’s Profile
      2. Being a Trade Show Detective
      3. Finding a Trade Show in Your Chosen Industry
      4. Using Professional Associations to Harvest Company Contacts
      5. Researching the Companies Themselves
        1. The “About” Section
        2. The “Careers” Section
        3. The “Membership” Section
        4. The “News” Section
        5. The “Investor Relations” Section
    2. Networking—the Old-Fashioned Way
      1. Attending Green Job Fairs
      2. Joining Professional Organizations
      3. Becoming Active in an Environmental Group
      4. Looking at Green Job Boards
    3. Start Looking
  13. CHAPTER 7 Social Networking
    1. You’re Closer Than You Realize
    2. How to Network Successfully
    3. Using Social Networking Sites
      1. Facebook
        1. Using Facebook to Reach Companies
        2. Becoming a Fan of Green Organizations
        3. Broadening Your Contacts on Facebook
        4. Establishing Your Presence
      2. LinkedIn
        1. Using Groups to Broaden Your Network
      3. Twitter
        1. Tweet Your Brand
      4. Blogs
        1. Starting Your Own Blog
    4. Hybrid Networking Is the Most Powerful Approach
  14. CHAPTER 8 Writing Your Resume and Cover Letter
    1. What Does a Resume Do?
      1. When to Use a Resume
        1. Responding to a Job Ad
        2. Networking
        3. Interviewing
        4. Screening Tool
      2. What to Include on Your Resume
    2. Types of Resumes
      1. The Reverse Chronological Resume
        1. Enhancing A Chronologically Organized Resume
        2. Chronological Resumes Are Not Always a Career Changer’s Best Friend
      2. The Functional (Skills-Based) Resume
      3. The Combination Resume
    3. Writing Your Resume, Section by Section
      1. Special Skills
      2. Job Objective
      3. Summary Statement
      4. Professional Experience
      5. Education and Training
      6. Accomplishments
    4. Electronic Resumes
      1. Employer Resume-Creating Applications
    5. Tips for using Your Resume
    6. Lining Up References
    7. Writing Cover letters
      1. Analyzing the Job Description
      2. Crafting Your Cover Letter
      3. Using a Cover Letter to Find Jobs
  15. CHAPTER 9 Overcoming Interview Challenges
    1. Two Ways to Ensure Success
    2. Handling Interview Requests
    3. Knowing What’s Ahead: Types of Interviews
      1. The Screening Interview
        1. Telephone Interviews
        2. Video Interviews
      2. The Behavioral Interview
      3. The Panel Interview
      4. The Technical Interview
      5. The Open-Ended Interview
      6. The Badly Managed Interview
    4. How to Prepare for the Interview
      1. Research the Industry
      2. Research the Employer
      3. Research the Job
      4. Research the Interviewer
      5. Interview Yourself
      6. Make a Good Impression
      7. Don’t Neglect the Details
    5. Acing the Interview
      1. Greet the Interviewer
      2. Get Off to a Good Start
      3. Maintain a 50/50 Split
      4. Counter Objections
        1. Handle Other Difficult Questions With Confidence
      5. Ask Questions
      6. Summarize Your Qualifications
      7. Ask About Next Steps
      8. Handle the Salary Question
      9. Handle Requests for References
    6. After the Interview
  16. CHAPTER 10 Preparing for Your Green Career—Short-Term Training Opportunities
    1. The Green Auto Industry
    2. Green Buildings and Construction
    3. Green Real Estate
    4. Solar Installation
    5. Wind Energy
    6. Distance Learning
    7. Boot Camps
    8. Becoming a Green Activist or Advocate
    9. Choose your Program Wisely
    10. Additional Training Opportunities
  17. CHAPTER 11 Resources for Green Career Changers
    1. Volunteer Organizations
    2. Professional Associations
    3. Environmental Job Websites
  18. INDEX