Painter X Creativity

Book description

Empower your artistry in the digital environment

This unique Painter book addresses both creative and technical proficiency, helping you step ahead in today's world of photography, art, multimedia, and design. This lavishly illustrated guide speaks directly to all visual artists and shows you how to combine traditional and stateof-the-art media to capture the essence of your vision.

Fully updated for Corel Painter X and the newest range of Wacom graphics tablets, progressive, well-structured tutorials from beginner to advanced level, case studies, and examples of art will inspire your imagination at every stage. Let world-renowned Painter master Jeremy Sutton guide you step-by-step in how to experiment with creative ideas and techniques that you can adapt to your own style.

New time-saving tips, workflow strategies, and keyboard short cuts allow you to quickly transform your work with Corel Painter X's outstanding natural-media tools. From expressive paintings to evocative collage portraits, oil impressionism, live portrait paintings, and painterly effects for video, television, and the Web, you get the best techniques through...

*Clear explanations with colorful screen grabs and inspiring artworks that lead you
through the sophisticated and creative Painter tools
*Practical, hands-on tutorials, and project illustrations that show you every step in
image development, including multimedia artist techniques
*Downloadable resources are packed with unique custom brushes, tutorial images, and additional art
materials not supplied with Painter X

Included on the resource CD:
*48 extra brushes including many unique custom brushes not supplied with Painter
*38 custom color sets
*Jeremy's SupaDoopa custom palettes to help speed up your workflow
*Collection of Jeremy's favorite Image Hose nozzles, paper textures, and patterns to greatly enhance the variety and richness of art materials available at your fingertips
*Gain instant access to Jeremy's interface customization and optimize your creativity with unique custom workspaces, new to Painter X
*4 QuickTime movies including a studio tour, artwork commentary, and details on Wacom tablets
*Have fun practicing with 28 tutorial images!

Table of contents

  1. Cover
  2. Halftitle
  3. Title
  4. Copyright
  5. Dedication
  6. Contents
  7. Foreword
  8. Introduction
  9. Acknowledgments
  10. 1 Preparing
    1. Seven Principles
    2. Materials List
    3. Minimum Computer System Requirements
    4. Set Up Your Wacom Tablet
    5. Prepare Your Computer
    6. Optimize Painter X
    7. The Painter X Interface
  11. 2 Exploring Brushes
    1. Visual Glossary
    2. Fearless Exploration!
    3. Custom Variants
    4. Painting Projects
  12. 3 Texture and Pattern
    1. Painter-centric Definitions
    2. Paper Textures in Painter
    3. Pattern Pizzazz!
  13. 4 Design and Composition
    1. Observation and Decisions
    2. Design
    3. Composition
    4. Draw a Still Life
    5. Paint a Self-Portrait
  14. 5 Painting from a Photograph
    1. Why Paint from a Photograph?
    2. Ways to Paint from a Photograph
    3. Principles of Painting from Photos in Painter
    4. An Expressive Approach to Painting
    5. Prepare the Source Image
    6. Create a “Muck Up” Underpainting
    7. Selectively Reveal the Subject
    8. Further Develop the Painting
    9. Generating Variations
  15. 6 Going for it with Color
    1. About Color
    2. Still Life Exercise
    3. Expressing Tone Through Color
    4. Wild Color!
    5. Ideas for Experimentation
  16. 7 Collage Portraiture
    1. What is a Collage Portrait?
    2. Acquire Source Images
    3. Choose Foundation, Secondary and Subsidiary Images
    4. Prepare for Action
    5. Create a Working Image Template
    6. Add Subsidiary Image Using Select, Copy and Paste
    7. Resize and Rotate Layer Using Free Transform Effect
    8. Control Layer Visibility with Layer Masks
    9. Group, Collapse and Lock Layers
    10. Experiment with Composite Methods and Layer Opacity
    11. Periodically Flatten and Paint
    12. Create a Paper Texture Template
    13. Paint Texture into a Layer
    14. Paint with Liquid Metal
    15. Add Painted Border
    16. Add Physical Media to the Print
    17. Gallery
  17. 8 Replay
    1. Scripts: The Modern Day Music Roll
    2. Powerful Tools for Working with Process
    3. Recording a Script
    4. Replaying a Script
    5. Generating a Frame Stack from a Script
    6. Generating a QuickTime Movie from a Frame Stack
    7. Generating Numbered Files from a Frame Stack
    8. Using Background Scripts as a Last Resort Rescue
  18. Appendices
    1. I Project Checklists
    2. II Troubleshooting
    3. III Keyboard Shortcuts
  19. Index
  20. Author Biography
  21. Contributors
  22. Order form
  23. Copyright license page

Product information

  • Title: Painter X Creativity
  • Author(s): Jeremy Sutton
  • Release date: September 2012
  • Publisher(s): Routledge
  • ISBN: 9781136103018