Chapter 13. adb Macros: Par t Two

In the previous chapter, we explored a couple of the simpler adb macros. Now we are going to discover the real power behind macros by exploring some of the more complex macros available to us.

Just as a warning, this chapter is not going to be light reading. If you’ve not had a good stretch or refreshed your coffee lately, now might be a good time!

Ready? Let’s go!

The msgbuf and msgbuf.wrap macros

Let’s tackle one of the more interesting adb macros now, one that shows some of the power that macros offer. We’ll start with the msgbuf macros that display the message ring buffer we talked about earlier. These macros happen to be the same for both Solaris 1.1 and 2.3 systems. Here are the two macros used to display the ...

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