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Parent's Guide to College and Careers

Book Description

Down-to-earth advice for parents who want to constructively help with their child’s college and career planning, without micromanaging or hounding.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Dedication
  5. Acknowledgements
  6. Contents
  7. Introduction
  8. CHAPTER 1: Preparing for College—and Beyond!
    1. Are You a Helicopter Parent?
    2. What Is the “New Economy”?
  9. CHAPTER 2: Partnering for Success
    1. Getting Involved in Your Child’s Career Planning
    2. Defining College Goals
  10. CHAPTER 3: Getting Real About the 21st Century Job Market
    1. How Informational Interviewing Can Help with Career Goals
    2. What Does the Job Market Look Like?
    3. Identifying Your Career Connections
  11. CHAPTER 4: Assessing for Strengths; Researching and Interviewing for Information
    1. What Is a Career-Interest Inventory?
    2. Personality Type and Satisfying Careers
    3. Finding Web Resources for Career Planning
  12. CHAPTER 5: Turning Talents and Skills into Jobs and Careers
    1. Finding a First Career
    2. The Skills Pyramid
      1. Adaptive Skills
      2. Functional Skills
      3. Specific-Content Skills
  13. CHAPTER 6: Choosing a College Major
    1. Simplifying the Process
      1. Specific-Content Majors
      2. Transferable Skills Majors
    2. Liberal Arts Majors and the Economy
    3. Key Points in Choosing a College Major
  14. CHAPTER 7: Going Away vs. Staying at Home
    1. Is Your Child Ready to Go Away to School?
      1. Academic Preparedness
      2. Social/Emotional Preparedness
      3. Financial Preparedness
  15. CHAPTER 8: Calculating College Costs
    1. Reality Check on College Borrowing
      1. Cost of Attendance (COA)
      2. Gift Aid
      3. Self-Help Aid
      4. Out-of-Pocket Expense
      5. Current Family Income Available for College
      6. Loans Needed to Pay for College
    2. Other Things to Consider
  16. CHAPTER 9: Navigating Through High School
    1. High School Diplomas and College Readiness
    2. Earning College Credit in High School
    3. Understanding How College Credits Apply to Degrees
  17. CHAPTER 10: Taking a Different Path
    1. Lost in the Middle
    2. Looking at the Structure of the Job Market
      1. Professional Jobs
      2. Technician Jobs
      3. Operative Jobs
    3. Identifying Alternatives to a Four-Year Degree
  18. CHAPTER 11: Moving On from College
    1. Going Back to Step 1
    2. Helping a College Graduate Regroup
      1. Networking for Ideas
      2. Identifying Your Values
    3. Evaluating Grad School as an Option
  19. CHAPTER 12: Summary
    1. Avoiding the Five-Year Plan
    2. Out of College and Into the Workforce
  20. APPENDIX: College-Related Acronyms
  21. Index