1. Harsin (2002), 262 produces evidence to dispute the standard account. A recent summary of that account by Delattre (2000), 108–111 attributes it to Daniel Stern’s (alias Marie d’Agoult) contemporaneous memoir, Histoire de la Revolution de 1848. Agulhon (1983) provides historical background to the revolution and its aftermath.

2. Flaubert, Sentimental Education (cited in Agulhon 1983), 39–40.

3. Guedalla, P. (1922), 163–164.

4. Exactly how Louis Napoleon came to power has been the subject of many riveting accounts, including, of course, that of Marx (1963). Agulhon (1983) is more discreet but evaluates historical opinion and the historical record with great care.

5. The most devastating evidence has been assembled by Casselle ...

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