Producing Radiation Maps

The corpus of radiation maps reflects the same criteria outlined in the previous list of maps1 with the main difference being that the maps only display radiation measurements, they exclude crisis management maps which appeared after March 11, 20112, and they are in both Japanese and English.


Table 6.1. List of radiation maps6

No. Designer/Social media name URL
1 No available data http://arch.incpc.jp/004/index_10.html
2 Satoru (Twitter pseudonym) http://atmc.jp/
3 Haiyan Zhang, designer http://Japan.faiIedrobot.com/
4 Andreas Schneider, Institute for Information Design Japan http://jciv.iidj.net/map/__?r=/var/www/jciv/
5 Micro-Film, Web communication agency Complete URL3
6 No available data Complete URL4
7 Alexey Sidorenko and Gregory Asmolov http://radiation.crowdmap.com/?l=en_US
8 Yukio Hayakawa, volcanologist http://www.nnistar.com/gmap/fukushima.html
9 Safecast, association http://www.safecast.org/
10 Spurs, Web design agency http://www.spursjp/surfdayz/map/gmap2.html
11 MapGenia, online mapping service http://www.targetmap.com/viewer.aspx?reportId=4870
12 Yahoo, Search engine http://radiation.yahoo.co.jp/
13 William Milberry Complete URL5
14 Earthspiral, association http://minnade-map.net/


The maps were identified using different methods:

– With a Google search from queries including the following elements: “Japan OR Fukushima AND radiation AND map OR cartography.” The same queries were entered in the Japanese ...

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