Party Marketing

Book description

Everyone has thrown or been to a party. Organising a successful party and marketing a successful company basically follow the same concept and structure. To create a successful party for guests, every detail must work in harmony with each other – the same goes for marketing and customers. This original book uses the metaphor of the party to help managers and entrepreneurs to understand the key drivers of successful marketing, and how you can apply them to your company. Unlike ordinary marketing books, this book contains no graphs, models or theoretical frameworks. Instead, Party Marketing is written in the form of a narrative where party planning and the various stages of marketing are woven together, to provide a set of practical principles for successful marketing.

Product information

  • Title: Party Marketing
  • Author(s): Harold Moe, Lennart Grahn
  • Release date: June 2012
  • Publisher(s): Editorial Almuzara
  • ISBN: 9781907794179