Chapter 2

Revising and Preparing for the Exams

In This Chapter

arrow Planning for effective revision

arrow Keys to success

arrow Getting ready to take the exams

arrow Strategies for dealing with exam questions

arrow The formats of the questions

arrow The Practitioner project scenario used in this book

The wise say that success often hinges on the three Ps: preparation, preparation and preparation. The PRINCE2 exams are no exception, and if you’re to be successful in them, you must prepare well and put the time aside to do that. The advice in this chapter reinforces the point that you really need to understand the method. This chapter then, focuses on your revision and how to set about practice with exam-style questions.

If you aren’t sure about how some or all of the method works, then you may like to invest in a copy of the companion book, PRINCE2 For Dummies, which explains everything in a rather more practical way ...

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