Practising With Some Questions

Have a go with some exam-style questions to try your hand at the theme of Quality. Don’t forget that before your exam you can and should also practise with the official sample papers available from the exam authority or through your training supplier. For the Foundation exam though, the official sample papers won’t help much until you have all of the method under your belt, because the questions cover subjects in random order. In this chapter, you have ten Foundation-level questions solely on Quality; what joy.

Foundation-level questions

Try to answer these questions in eight minutes, without looking at any reference material. If you don’t know the answer, then guess; after you’ve been studying PRINCE2 for a while, surprisingly often your gut reaction is correct. For more on exam technique, including more on how to set about guessing, see Chapter 2.

1. It’s important to think through and record how a project will achieve its required quality level. Which product records that detail in PRINCE2?

checkbox a) Quality Plan

checkbox b) Quality Management System (QMS)

checkbox c) Project Approach

d) Quality Management Strategy

2. Which Project Board role is responsible for ensuring ...

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