Practising With Some Questions

Have a go with some exam-style questions on the Organization theme. If you’re reading this to study for the Practitioner having already passed the Foundation exam, still have go with the Foundation exam questions. It will either confirm that you still have good recall of the Foundation-level material or warn you that you have got a bit rusty and need to revise those areas a bit more to get back up to speed.

Foundation-level questions

Try to answer these Foundation-level questions in eight minutes and, to mimic the real exam, answer them from memory without looking anything up.

1. Which of these roles cannot be shared and must be filled by one person only?

checkbox a) Project Support

checkbox b) Team Manager

checkbox c) Project Manager

checkbox d) Senior User

2. Which Project Board roles commit staff resource to the project?

checkbox a) Executive and Senior Supplier

checkbox b) Senior Supplier and Senior ...

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