Practising With Some Questions

On the following pages you’ll find some questions to have a go at. The answers are on the grey-edged pages at the end of the chapter.

remember.eps The questions in this chapter are samples for you to practise with, preferably to time. They don’t cover everything that you’re likely to be asked. To prepare for the exam, you need to be confident in all areas of the subject, and not just learn the answers to these particular questions.

Foundation-level questions

You’ll find answers to these questions, and some explanation, at the end of the chapter. Set your timer for eight minutes then go for it.

1. Two management products are given to the Project Board after the end of the process Starting Up a Project. The first is the Project Brief. What is the second?

checkbox a) The Benefits Review Plan

checkbox b) The Risk Register

checkbox c) A Stage Plan

checkbox d) The Project Product Description (PPD)

2. The Lessons Log is used during the process Starting Up a Project to:

a) Record details of things learned ...

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