Revising the Controlling a Stage Process

The Controlling a Stage process is basically so simple that if it didn’t already exist, you could quickly design it yourself. When I’m delivering a training course, I often get those on the course to do pretty much that. Without them looking at the book or any other notes, and before we’ve done the course session on the process, I ask them to tell me exactly what the activities are going to be. ‘And’ I tell them, ‘I do mean exactly!’ And they do; often much to their surprise, but they do because they can put together things I’ve taught them earlier on the course. Because PRINCE2 is basically logical, it’s also very predictable. Picking up my approach from the course, what is the Project Manager doing day to day then?

check.png Controlling the flow of work out to project teams

• Giving out work assignments (Work Packages) to Team Managers

• Checking progress on the Work Packages

• Getting the work back when it’s finished

check.png Dealing with any new issues and risks that are sent in

check.png Checking how the stage is going against its plan, and whether the risk situation has changed or whether anything is affecting the Business Case

If the stage is going off track, ...

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