Revising the Business Case Theme

Watch out for three areas in particular as you revise the Business Case theme. The first is to be clear on what the Business Case contains. Have a look in the PRINCE2 manual or in PRINCE2 For Dummies. [Manual A.2.2, P2FD Ch11 Writing a Business Case]

The second area to check up on is where the Business Case is developed and then where it’s used throughout the project. The ‘quick and dirty’ – ‘outline’ – Business Case is developed in Start Up then that case is refined into a full Business Case during Initiation, where it then forms part of the Project Initiation Documentation (PID). If you’re unclear on how the case goes on to be used throughout the project, have a look at the next main section in this chapter, ‘Clarifying Some Key Points’.

The third area to watch out for in revision is how the Business Case relates to the Benefits Review Plan. Again, there’s more on this in the next main section in this chapter.

As you plan your revision, and to help make sure that you understand the detailed content of the Business Case theme, have a look at the following checklists, one for each exam.

Revision checklist – Foundation

Read through this checklist and tick off the items that you’re confident that you know about and understand. If you don’t feel confident on any item, don’t tick it until you have done a bit more work to revise that area.

checkbox What’s in ...

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