Appreciating the Four Integrated Elements

PRINCE2 talks of four integrated elements. These are simply the:

check.png Processes

check.png Themes

check.png Principles

check.png Tailoring PRINCE2 to the project environment

When you fully understand the method, you’ll see how the four fit together. It’s actually rather important that you do see how the elements fit together, because you’re expected to know that for both exams. For the Foundation exam especially, be sure also to take on board the phrase ‘four integrated elements’.

The Processes

The processes are the suggested ‘when’ you do something. They cover the sequence of the project from Start Up to closure. In anything other than a small project, you’re likely to have several delivery stages, so the processes used for the delivery stages will repeat for as many stages as there are. A variation occurs in the last stage, however, since at the end of it you’ll be closing the project rather than preparing for a following stage.

It’s a common mistake to think that each stage in the project involves a single process. While it’s true that each stage is driven by a single ...

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