Practising With Some Questions

To test your knowledge of the Progress theme, have a go with some practice questions. This section has Foundation- and Practitioner-level questions, and you’ll find the answers, together with a bit of explanation, at the end of the chapter.

Foundation-level questions

To get used to the pace of the Foundation exam, try to see these questions off in eight ­minutes.

1. What’s the major control in PRINCE2 that means that the Project Board doesn’t have to authorise all of the money and staff resource for the project in one go?

checkbox a) Work Package

checkbox b) Management stages

checkbox c) Project Initiation Documentation (PID)

checkbox d) Technical stages

2. A management stage is:

checkbox a) The time needed to produce a Work Package

checkbox b) A financial period (monthly, quarterly or annual) defined by corporate or programme management

c) A collection of activities and products whose delivery is ...

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