At some point, everybody interacts with a password. Whether you're quickly shuffling between your e-mail, social media, and banking accounts while chatting via some form of instant messenger or just using an ATM for a little extra cash, you inevitably must provide a small bit of information to get access to your larger amount of information. And that's why you have to keep those small bits of information (here and after known as passwords) as secure as possible. This book shows you the best, most effective ways to secure your passwords while keeping the rest of your digital life safe as well.

About This Book

You probably encounter just as much misinformation about your passwords as there are passwords in the world. Without delving too deeply into technical jargon, I clear up that misinformation and give you a clear, descriptive guide to password safety. And, in true For Dummies style, you can get whatever information you need as quickly as possible!

This book also includes a passwords journal, which you can use to log your usernames, passwords, security questions and answers, and other account information. Be sure to check out the preface to the journal. It lists every type of password-protected account that I can think of, and you might be surprised when you realize how many password-protected accounts you have.

If a password journal isn't your style, you can instead ...

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