Chapter 4

Shop 'til You Drop — Securely


In This Chapter

  • Finding out what a secure website looks like
  • Protecting your accounts while shopping online


The greatest gift the Internet gave to us, of course, is animated GIFs. The second greatest gift might be the ability to locate and purchase just about anything in the world you might want. Point, click, type in a few numbers, and you're ready to go! That said, you have to be sure exactly who is taking your money and whether that person will actually send you what you're expecting (such as a real iPad instead of just the box that once contained an iPad). This chapter helps you identify authentic websites and ensure that your financial transactions are conducted with the highest possible security.

Taking a Close Look at Websites

Look around and be choosy. If you walk into a restaurant and see a dirty floor and signs of mice or you're assaulted by an unpleasant odor, I hope you would turn around and walk out. If you're smart, you apply the same principle when shopping and banking on the web. Look around before you whip out your credit card. Ask yourself, “Does this site look like somebody put it up over a weekend? Or does it look like someone worked really hard to make my shopping experience a positive one? Has the company successfully ...

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