I am grateful to many of my colleagues in scholarship, government, and the intellectual property bar for their input and mentorship over the course of the last four years. Thanks are especially due to Richard Hawkins, Joel Lexchin, Alex Stack, Ed Hore, Harry Radomski, David Vaver, Wayne Giles, Tim McTiernan, David Lee, Maurica Maher, Robert Clark, Aiden Hollis, and Paul Grootendorst. I am also thankful to my colleagues in the Consortium Study of Global Pharmaceutical Linkage for their collaboration and comments during our work together thus far, including Dan Cahoy, Joel Lexchin, Aidan Hollis, Bengt Domeij, Graham Dutfield, Tom Faunce, Paul Jones, Feroz Ali Khader, Heesob Nam, and Juan Luis Serrano. Also requiring immense thanks ...

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