556 Patterns: Building Serial and Parallel Processes for IBM WebSphere Process Server V6
8. Test this process again, this time specifying different input criteria.
a. Click the Invoke icon to create a new test case.
b. Specify a partNo of part2 and a quantity of 5.
c. Click Continue.
The component should this time respond with a daysToDeliver value of 10
and a quantity of 50 (Figure A-81).
Figure A-81 A second test of the Get Delivery Date functionality
9. Optionally, you can test the other components the same way. Right-click them
in the Assembly Editor and select Test Component. Remember to remove
the emulators before testing them.
Creating the service implementation for Wholesaler B
Now we implement Wholesaler B. The business logic for this wholesaler is as a
Web service. Wholesaler B implements the same three business functionalities
as Wholesaler A, but it implements them in Java, not as a WS-BPEL process or
business rule:
򐂰 Place Order (implemented as Java class)
򐂰 Get Delivery Days (implemented as Java class)
򐂰 Cancel Order (implemented as Java class)
Appendix A. Building Wholesaler A and B service implementations 557
Wholesaler B also implements the same interfaces as Wholesaler A:
򐂰 Get delivery days
򐂰 Place an order
򐂰 Cancel an order
We can reuse the interfaces from Wholesaler A shown in Table A-5.
Table A-5 Wholesaler B interfaces
Table A-6, Table A-7, and Table A-8 show the business objects that are used in
the interfaces listed in Table A-5. The interfaces and business objects are
identical to Wholesaler A.
Table A-6 Business objects of the get delivery interface WhDelReqWeb_I
Table A-7 Business objects of the place order interface WhPlaceOrdWeb_I
Get delivery days Place order Cancel order
Name WhDelReqWeb_I WhPlaceOrdWeb_I WhCnclOrdWeb_I
Operation getDeliveryDays placeOrder cancelOrder
Input getDeliveryDays
placeOrderRequest cancelOrderRequest
Output getDeliveryDays
PlaceOrderResponse cancelOrderResponse
Fault cannotFulfillOrder cannotFulfillOrder N/A
Name Business object
Input getDeliveryDaysWholesalerRequest WholesalerDeliveryDaysRequest
Output getDeliveryDaysWholesalerResponse WholesalerDeliveryDaysResponse
Fault cannotFulfillOrder WholesalerCannotFulfillOrder
Name Business object
Input placeOrderRequest WholesalerPlaceOrderRequest
Output PlaceOrderResponse WholesalerPlaceOrderResponse
Fault cannotFulfillOrder WholesalerCannotFulfillOrder

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