276 Patterns: Information Aggregation and Data Integration with DB2 Information Integrator
Changed data was captured in the relational database operational
systems using the appropriate Capture feature of DataPropagator™
(DPROPR on z/OS), DB2 UDB replication, and Oracle replication.
The non-relational VSAM data changes were extracted from a journal
maintained by the rewards operational system.
Data mart details
As mentioned earlier, one or more data marts would be created on an on
demand basis for analyses and mining to plan targeted marketing campaigns
and/or alter the rating of a particular customer based on prior transaction
history. One such example may be creating a data mart of all customers in the
western United States having assets above $100,000 with a history of limited
transaction activity in their brokerage accounts in order to explore offering
possible incentives to them for becoming more active.
In such cases, the data mart data model would be a derivative of the data
warehouse, with the data warehouse being the only data source for
populating the data mart.
In our case we built a data mart with a data model identical to that of the data
warehouse (see Figure C-9 on page 258); the data mart DDL is also similar to
the data warehouse DDL described in Example C-6 on page 258.
Our scenario involved DFC exploring a new product offering (insurance
services) with customers in a high revenue generating region such as the
north eastern part of the US. We extracted customer data in this region (from
the data warehouse) having home owner demographics for further analysis
and mining in order to generate an appropriate targeted marketing campaign.
Figure C-19 on page 277 shows the simple model for loading the credit card
related data mart tables. It shows a single transform stage that connects to
the data source using the EXTRACT link, and the target table using the LOAD
Note: Nicknames were created on the federated server for the tables
containing changed data, which were then defined as the data source for
Ascential DataStage.

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