ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation, and durability), 7176

business and system transactions, 7476

reducing transaction isolation for liveness, 7374

transactional resources, 7273

Active Record, 160164


simple person (Java), 162164

how it works, 160161

when to use it, 161162

ADO.NET data sets, 148151

Advice, some technology-specific, 100103

Java and J2EE, 100101

.NET, 1012

stored procedures, 1023

Web services, 103

Affinity, server, 85

Albums and tracks (Java), 264267

Albums, transferring information about, 407411

Application Controller, 379386


state model Application Controller (Java), 382386

further reading, 382

how it works, 380381

when to use it, 381382

Application Controller, state model, 382

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