66 Patterns: Portal Search Custom Design
As shown in these various solutions, the clear separation of information access
logic and population logic allows for the same information to be packaged
differently based on the needs of the business problem at hand. This layered
approach decreases the total cost of ownership, and increases solution flexibility.
4.5 Summary
In this chapter we have introduced the Application patterns that are required for
common portal search solution needs, and are part of the Portal Search custom
design. As with the portal composite pattern as a whole, a single application
pattern cannot accurately define the problem. Rather, to extend the portal for
search capabilities, Information Aggregation application patterns (User Search
and Discovery) must be introduced to provide the search interface and logic
capabilities; while Application Integration patterns (Population and Federation)
are required to prepare and integrate multiple data sources for searching. The
addition of these patterns to the base Portal composite pattern, creates the
Portal Search custom design.
In the following chapter, we will describe the common Runtime patterns and
Product mappings that take these higher level Application patterns down to the
technology level.

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