16 Patterns: Serial and Parallel Processes
1.2.5 Review guidelines and related links
The Application patterns, Runtime patterns, and Product mappings are intended
to guide you in defining the application requirements and the network layout. The
actual application development has not been addressed yet. The Patterns Web
site provides guidelines for each Application pattern, including techniques for
developing, implementing, and managing the application, based on the following
򐂰 Design guidelines instruct you on tips and techniques for designing the
򐂰 Development guidelines take you through the process of building the
application, from the requirements phase all the way through the testing and
rollout phases.
򐂰 System management guidelines address the day-to-day operational
concerns, including security, backup and recovery, application management,
and so forth.
򐂰 Performance guidelines give information about how to improve the application
and system performance.
1.3 Summary
The IBM Patterns for e-business is a collected set of proven architectures. This
repository of assets can be used by companies to facilitate the development of
Web-based applications. They help an organization understand and analyze
complex business problems and break them down into smaller, more
manageable functions that can then be implemented.

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