Appendix A. Scenarios lab environment 401
򐂰 WebSphere MQ Workflow V3.4 (including WebSphere MQ and DB2)
򐂰 WebSphere Application Server V5.0.2 or above
The Wholesaler A and B Web services run in WebSphere Application Server.
They are J2EE enterprise applications, and are found at the following location:
The Web services use hostnames wholesalera and wholesalerb to identify the IP
address of the WebSphere Application Server instance where they are installed.
The hostnames will be evaluated on the server running the Web Services Toolkit.
Set your Windows host file on this server to map wholesalera and wholesalerb to
the IP address of the WebSphere Application Server where the enterprise
applications are installed (most probably localhost).
You additionally need to add each process you wish to run to the runtime
database. The FDL for each process is located in the MQWorkflow directory. The
serial process scenario, for example, is stored in file SerialProcess.FDL.
We used the following command to add the serial process to the runtime
fmcibie -y FMC -u ADMIN -p password -o -t -i SerialProcess.FDL
Viewing the sample processes
Each process, and the ITSO Electronics organization, can be viewed in
WebSphere Business Integration Workbench. Start WebSphere Business
Integration Workbench and open the following organization:
Once this organization is open, you can open each process within the
organization, such as SerialProcess and ParallelProcess.
Interoperability sample
You can install the interoperability sample between WebSphere Process
Choreographer and WebSphere MQ Workflow by installing the files in the
\Interop directory. The code associated with the interoperability chapter is:
򐂰 CalledProjectEAR.ear
Containing the WebSphere Process Choreographer process invoked by
WebSphere MQ Workflow
402 Patterns: Serial and Parallel Processes
򐂰 ITSOInterOpA.ear
Containing the WebSphere Process Choreographer process invoking a
WebSphere MQ Workflow process
򐂰 WMQWF2.fdl
The original FDL file for the WebSphere MQ Workflow process
򐂰 WMQWF2.wsdl
The WSDL file generated by the runfdl2wsdl tool used by the Called
WebSphere Process Choreographer process
򐂰 WMQWF1.wsdl
򐂰 The WSDL file exported by Buildtime used by the Calling WebSphere
Process Choreographer process
You can also import the WebSphere Process Choreographer processes into
WebSphere Studio Application Developer Integration Edition by creating a new
workspace and importing the following projects:
򐂰 CalledProject
򐂰 CalledProjectEAR
򐂰 CalledProjectEJB
򐂰 CallingProject
򐂰 ITSOInterOpA
򐂰 ITSOInterOpAWeb

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